Founder Update:

After four years of conferences, campaigns and community – SeCo is no longer operating as a society or organisation. Thank you for being part of creating this conscious community. For social enterprise opportunites we recommend subscribing to Jay Booklin’s Social Change Central. I’ve now moved on to working with Deakin University full time spearheading SPARK Deakin, the university’s entrepreneurial program where we’ve embedded the same spirit of purpose driven community. We reserve one place for a social enterprise in our accelerator (up to $10 000 funding) and in 2019 funded three for purpose enterprises. You can learn more here. If you’re setting up a social enterprise, Melbourne is a fantastic place to do so with a thriving community. Feel free to reach out or say hello. Thank you for being part of the journey, Daizy

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Imagine a world where charity and business come together. Where making money and doing good are the same thing. This is the world of social enterprise. A social enterprise is an organisation that makes intentional positive social or environmental impacts using a sustainable business model, it can be a for-profit or not-for-profit. Essentially it performs trade (sell services or goods) and is sustainable (generates profit to cover their costs and expand).

Check out the Highlights from our Conference last year:

Who we are

Social Enterprise Collective is a community of young change makers and go getters who are passionate, innovative and entrepreneurial.

Social Enterprise Collective (SeCo) was founded in late 2014 by a group of young, ambitious university students curious about making an impact during their time at university. SeCo exists to empower young leaders and change makers, equipping you with the essential tools to become social entrepreneurs.


We believe in creating a better world utilising the tools of business. University is the perfect platform to embrace your inner entrepreneur and make a real difference, whether you want to support campaigns or startup your own social enterprise – join our community of thought leaders, hustlers and dreamers.


To instill young visionaries, change makers and innovators with the required business acumen and skill set to tackle social issues.


Be part of our student led conferences where you have the chance to connect with leading Australian Social Entrepreneurs and our industry partner organisations in the social impact sector. You get to be part of the bigger picture and create an impact.

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